Use Jammit to Teach Music in the Classroom

Jammit is a great app to use to teach music in the classroom! 
You will need the following equipment:
How to Mirror the iPad's Display on Large Monitors:
Options for using adapters to mirror iPads' displays on larger monitors for using the Jammit App in the classroom. 
The easiest way to connect an iPad to a large displays is using an adapter - here are some options that work well:
Apple Digital AV Adapter ($39)
The Apple Digital AV Adapter plugs into the iPad's dock connector. The adapter's other end contains an HDMI port, enabling users to connect an HDMI cable to monitors, video projectors, conference room displays and widescreen flat panels. Using HDMI technology, the adapter passes both audio and video information to the display so the Jammit App that appears on the iPad's display, appears on the external monitor as well. 
Apple VGA Adaptor ($29)
The $29 Apple VGA Adapter is another alternative to enable video mirroring on iPad 2 and later iPads. Using the VGA adapter, the Jammit software can be displayed on VGA-compatible 1080p HD screens. 
Jammit: The Ultimate Music Play Along Platform
Jammit is the ultimate digital music platform, allowing the user to isolate selected instrument tracks from the original artist recordings – no covers! Once you've learned the song, you can record your own version of it using Jammit.

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