10 Ways to Become a Better Musician Using Jammit

Being musicians ourselves, we here at Jammit are always looking for ways to promote musicianship and make playing your instrument a more fulfilling experience.  We’ve compiled ten Jammit-centric tips that may help you in this effort.

1.     Play under the influence…of musicians who are better than you are, that is.  One of the easiest ways to impact your playing in a positive way is to surround yourself with great players. Jammit gives you the next best thing – unprecedented access to some of the greatest recorded performances by some of the world’s greatest musicians.

2.     Strengthen your weaknesses. You know the areas of your playing that need the most attention and Jammit makes it easier for you to focus on those by using the loop and slow features.  If necessary, you can repeat problematic sections one bar at a time, starting at half speed and incrementing faster as you improve.

3.     Open your mind - venture outside of your comfort zone. As a musician, it can be very beneficial to play in genres that you normally wouldn’t listen to. As Jammit song catalog expands, look for material that may force you to approach your instrument differently.

4.     Open your ears - listening is as important as making noise. This is certainly true while performing, but also when studying the nuances in a great performance.  Being able to isolate these tracks like you can in Jammit affords you a luxury that musicians didn’t have until recently. 

5.     Record and refine.  The ability to record your performance in context with the original tracks of a familiar song allows a sobering view of how your playing really measures up.  Dissatisfaction can be the best motivator to improve.  

6.     Keep it fresh.  A lot of players get bored with playing the same material. The premise of Jammit is to becoming a better musician by way of playing your favorite songs.  Treat yourself to a new Jammit track and expand your repertoire.

7.     Improve your reading. While some musicians may have an allergic reaction to reading standard notation, it is the time-tested way to communicate how to play music.  At Jammit we respect this tradition by offering super-accurate scores that scroll in sync with the song.  Even without formal music training Jammit can help you see the relationship between what you hear and what you see in the notation.

8.     Practice anywhere. Jammit for iOS allows you to practice in unconventional environments. Like a downhill skier who mentally navigates the course before a race, you can do the same without even being near your instrument.

9.     Share your music.  Jammit’s video sharing feature makes it easy for you to shoot a video of yourself and post it to your YouTube page. As unnerving as it is to put yourself out there like this, the act of doing so can really force you to be the best you can be. There is comfort in that they can’t hurl beer bottles at you via the internet.

10.  Have fun with it…after all, it’s music and as frustrating as learning music can be, we here at Jammit hope that our product provides a unique experience that adds musical value to your day.

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