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Jammit is a great app to use to teach music in the classroom! Here are some options for using adapters to mirror iPads' displays on larger monitors. The easiest way to connect an iPad to a large displays is using an adapter.    MORE >>
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You don't need a professional recording studio to record your drums on Jammit. Yes, acoustic drums are more difficult to capture on your iPad than guitars, bass, drums and vocals, but with a few extra items, you can be recording with the your favorite tracks before you know it!    MORE >>
Posted in Jammit Tips by Frank Gryner | June 13, 2012 - 6:27am
Being musicians ourselves, we here at Jammit are always looking for ways to promote musicianship and make playing your instrument a more fulfilling experience. We’ve compiled ten Jammit-centric tips that may help you in this effort.    MORE >>
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Follow along with Nate Brown as he teaches selections of music using the Jammit App.    MORE >>
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