ENTER TO WIN artist autographed swag & gear!

Autographed Swag & Gear!

The winner of this prize has a great start on opening their own version of the Hard Rock Cafe. Autographs from Chris Adler, Melissa Ethridge, Ray Parker, Jr., Carmen Rizzo… Even every member of Guns N Roses… How cool is that?
Artist autographs are the hot ticket nowadays, especially on products from music industry manufacturers. There’s something here for everyone, including lovers of rock, country, blues, jazz, folk, EDM, DJ; everything from high performance backpacks and cool stage accessories to guitars and amps. Every one of them is autographed by a major artist. 



Jammit: The Ultimate Music Play Along Platform
Jammit is the ultimate digital music platform, allowing the user to isolate selected instrument tracks from the original artist recordings – no covers! Once you've learned the song, you can record your own version of it using Jammit.

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