Jammit Play-Off with Pantera

The Contest Winners:

The Contest

The submission period for this contest is now closed. Stay tuned for the official announcement of grand prize winners of the Dean ML guitar, the Sabian Power Ride Cymbal and Ddrum Snare Drum. Watch for additional Play Off contests hosted here at Jammit.com for more opportunities to showcase your playing and a chance to win some more cool prizes!

The Prizes

Out of the top 20 video submissions with the most votes, winners will be selected by a representative of Pantera. 

Grand prize winner is a Dean Dimebag “Wanted” ML Guitar + Jammit Metal Pack; the runner up will receive a Sabian 22” HH Power Bell Ride Cymbal + Jammit Jam Pack.

Weekly prizes of Vinnie Paul’s Vic Firth signature sticks, Dimebag Signature DR Strings, Logitech UE Headphones and boomboxes and Jammit Pantera Tracks will be awarded for accurate and creative performances. 

This Is How It Works:


You must have a Jammit account in order to participate in this contest. 

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You can either play your instrument using Jammit or your mp3 copy of the song. If you have an iDevice, PC or Mac computer, it’s FREE to download Jammit:

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Once you have Jammit, you can go here to download the track.

Tips to a great video entry:

How To

Which ever method you select, video record yourself while you perform the song.


When you’ve completed your video, we recommend that you update your profile by uploading a photo and adding a bio.

Upload your video to YOUR YouTube channel, copy & paste the video URL to the entry form:

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