Shinedown: Illuminated

Get to know this chart-topping, active rock band one instrument at a time with Jammit software. Jam with Barry’s drums totally isolated, hear Zach’s guitars separated from the rest of the mix, or solo Eric’s bass on its own—whatever instrument you want to hear, you can hear it, while viewing its synchronized notation or tab.

Learn how to play the part exactly the way Shinedown did on the original recordings—with every detail and articulation. No matter what your playing ability, you'll appreciate Jammit’s variable slow mode (without pitch-alteration) and loop playback that will help with some of Shinedown’s more technically challenging sections. Illuminate your playing and hear Shinedown like you’ve never heard them before…with Jammit!

Find out how your guitar can automatically sound like the guitar tracks on the original recording with Jammit's built-in Line 6 amp modeling.



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