Isolated and Notated

Most music over the last 50 years was recorded to a multi-track format, allowing individual volume control over each instrument in the band. Those tracks are blended together into the mix that we’ve all become very familiar with over the years. Jammit has partnered with Rush to give you access to those separate elements of classic Rush songs so you can hear every nuance of Geddy’s bass and vocals, Neil’s drums, and Alex’s guitar performances.

Jammit also gives you synchronized notation and tab, section looping, variable slow mode and a performance recorder so you can interact with 2112, Limelight, YYZ and now Tom Sawyer in ways that were not possible…until now. Travel back in time to when these classic Rush songs were born, and experience Rush like you have never before!

Find out how your guitar can automatically sound like the guitar tracks on the original recording with Jammit's built-in Line 6 amp modeling.

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