Paul Gilbert

Try This At Home

No disclaimers. No stunt doubles. You are cleared for take off. Buckle up for the break-neck fretboard acrobatics that could only be performed by a certified axe-wielding professional…until now. Thanks to Jammit, impressionable youth and players of all skill levels can not only stand in the shoes of guitar dare devil, Paul Gilbert, but plot a death-defying collision course with songs like Fuzz Universe, Olympic, The Curse of Castle Dragon and Blowtorch without the threat of serious injury.

Abuse the Jammit mixer to hear Paul’s guitar all by itself without the rest of the band; see what pure insanity looks like on the scrolling notation or tablature; brace yourself for section looping and variable slow mode that make it safe for you to play Paul Gilbert at any speed. You can even hi-jack Paul’s band by removing his guitar entirely to make way for your own brand of six-string sickness! Hold on tight…things are about to get crazy.

Find out how your guitar can automatically sound like the guitar tracks on the original recording with Jammit's built-in Line 6 amp modeling.

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