Isolate and Emulate!

Completely isolate and uncover the rage and hostility of Dimebag's guitar tone, exposing nuances that you've never heard before. Jammit thrusts you back in time to the historic recording sessions to jam and record with Pantera. Whether you want to hold down the rhythm or rip into the most violent guitar solo, you'll have the world's most accurate notation and tablature always in sync, guiding you every step of the way. We've injected Jammit's groundbreaking technology into the entire album from beginning to end, supplying you with enough power and brute force to experience Pantera like never before!

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Buy all songs from Vulgar Display of Power for any of the selected instrument versions for only $48.99 (a $59.88 value!)

Guitar $48.99 Bass $48.99 Drums $48.99 Vocals $48.99

If you are taking advantage of one of these exclusive bundle offers, all qualifying tracks must be purchased in one order. You may also purchase single tracks for any instrument, however purchasing single tracks will void the bundle offer for that instrument. Limit one coupon/offer per order.

If you have an iPad or iPhone, all Pantera songs contain custom Line 6 tone patches so that your guitar can sound instantly like the guitar tones on the original recordings! More information.

If you like Pantera, you may be interested in Lamb of God also available for Jammit!



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