Lamb of God

Isolate and Emulate!

Tear into Lamb of God's “Resolution” offered in its entirety on Jammit. Instrument-specific Jammit tracks are available for guitar, bass, drums and vocals, allowing users to emulate the original performance or turn it off to “jam with the band”. Jammit's revolutionary features (including the world's most accurate tablature and notation) make it the easiest way to learn even the most difficult sections! Now each of these songs contain custom Line 6 tone patches so that iPad and iPhone users can instantly have their guitar sound like the guitar tones on the record!

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Buy all songs from "Resolution" for any of the selected instrument versions for only $43.99

Guitar $43.99 Bass $43.99 Drums $43.99 Vocals $43.99

If you are taking advantage of one of these exclusive bundle offers, all qualifying tracks must be purchased in one order. You may also purchase single tracks for any instrument, however purchasing single tracks will void the bundle offer for that instrument. Limit one coupon/offer per order.

In addition, we also have other Lamb of God songs available like Redneck and Walk With Me in Hell.

Find out how your guitar can automatically sound like the guitar tracks on the original recording with Jammit's built-in Line 6 amp modeling.



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